Our company

Perma Press AB is a Swedish innovation company, specialized in the production of environmentally friendly heat-seal transfers which can be applied on garments of different qualities. Perma Press aims to always produce the most eco friendly high-quality heat-seal transfers you can find on the market.

The heat transfer

The Perma Eco Flex heat transfer covers all of your needs. We use different printing techniques so that your logo is presented in the best possible way. The Perma Eco Flex heat transfer is ideal for application on licensed images, corporate logos, event merchandise etc. It can be applied to most type of materials, for example; sportswear, children's wear, leisure wear, bags, jackets, work wear etc. The Perma Eco Flex heat transfer can be printed using CMYK, Pantone colors or as reflective!

Our heat sealing machine

The Perma 2 is an electric and pneumatic heat seal machine, intended for attaching heat seal transfers on textiles. This machine has two heating stations. While you heat-seal one garment you have time to prepare the next garment for application. This reliable and time saving machine has automatic time and temperature control.