About Us

Perma Press AB is a Swedish innovation company, specialized in the production of environmentally friendly heat-seal transfers which can be applied on garments of different qualities. Perma Press aims to always produce the most eco friendly high-quality heat-seal transfers you can find on the market. This commitment is valid for all of the company's activities, which is why any kind of hazardous substances are successfully kept out of our premises.                

Our unique heat transfer can be used for various garment types; profile garments, work wear, sportswear, safety wear, leisure wear, swim wear, diving suits and much more. This wide selection will help you find the right product for your needs.

Perma ECO Transfer System

Our Perma Eco Transfer System has been created in order to give you the widest possible selection, so that the different characteristics of our Eco transfer will suit your particular purpose. Your heat transfer will be produced with your preferred features in design, physical appearance and durability.

No solvents are used - neither in product, nor production. We want you to feel comfortable buying from us, knowing that our products meet all environmental legislations and the toughest demands from many of the world's largest retailers in sports-, work- and children's wear.

We are devoted to the goal of reaching and preferably exceeding the expectations of our customers and we have the experience which enables us to understand what makes a difference for you and your customers.

Why choose Perma Press?

  • No solvents in either product or production.
  • Totally free from any environmentally hazardous substances.
  • Different product characteristics to fit your needs.
  • Reliable production - in time.
  • Highest quality heat transfer available on the market.