Environmental Commitments

Today many companies are profiting from promoting themselves as environmentally friendly and having a sustainable production. The question is whether the truth will emerge as this is something that companies themselves can define. Is a company environmentally friendly because all employees have electric cars, or are they environmentally friendly for eating vegetarian for lunch? In a production business, there are endless factors to take into account in order to minimize human and environmental damage.

For us it has been important to define the meaning of “environmentally friendly” and “sustainable” and in this article you can read about part of our work to create the most sustainable product on the market.

At Perma Press we have been working actively since the 90’s to create the highest quality heat transfer where dangerous chemicals are successfully kept outside our gates. Our commitment to people and the environment has been a strong pillar at every stage of our company’s development. We won an award for well-executed environmental work already in 2004. This is something we are very proud of and in a world where more and more focus is on the environment we are glad to have always been at the forefront. But it is an ongoing process where we constantly have re-evaluations and checks to ensure that we follow the substitution principle in everything we do.

Our transfers are free from, for example:

phthalates or other dangerous plasticizers


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