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In what ways are Perma Press environmentally friendly?


We at Perma Press are passionate about the environmental issues and have worked for a long time to create environmentally friendly transfers of high quality. Our transfers are water-based and completely free from PVC, phthalates and other dangerous substances. This makes it a very environmentally friendly alternative in our industry.

It is not only the most friendly alternative for the environment, but also for people!

It is just as harmless for our employees to produce and work with, as for your employees to heat press. PVC, for example, can emit dangerous vapors when heated, and even the plasticizers that need to be added can be dangerous. The EcoFlex is completely free from hazardous plastics, since we do not use plasticizers or solvents.

The environmental issue is not just about the color we mix ourselves. We also coat our own sheets and mix our own glue. We know exactly what we are selling, into the smallest element! We have successfully managed to keep dangerous substances outside our gates for nearly 30 years.

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