In the spring of 2005, through Perma Press AB, Egil Norheim was invited to Adidas headquarters in Portland, Oregon, USA. A summit would be held for Adidas’s 200 largest suppliers. The meeting was called “World-class Brands” and was an opportunity for Adidas and its suppliers to discuss and exchange ideas. Surprisingly, Muhammad Ali made a lightning bolt to declare that “I am still the best”.
The meeting lasted for three full days. On the last day there was an awards ceremony where Perma Press was nominated as “Best New Clothing Material Supplier”. For standing ovations, Egil Norheim went up on stage to receive the award, and when a senior manager at Adidas came to Egil and said “you have helped us so much with Milan’s match shirts, so we owe you a big thank you” could he did nothing but smile his broadest smile.