In an ambulatory caravan

Egil Norheim began creating prints for clothing after an interesting discussion with an acquaintance as early as the mid-1970s. The person in question stated frankly: “It will never work”. You can’t say that to an entrepreneur!

Previously, Egil worked in Iceland with cut window decals and realized when he came to Sweden again that there was a great interest in being able to have prints on clothing. Having become a skilled advertising draftsman in Iceland, he started working from home and then started touring Sweden with an ambulatory caravan. Egil was innovative and constantly came up with new ways to research his own color, mixing recipes and market his product.

In 1980, Egil founded Perma Press AB. The burning interest in color and form has always driven Egil and he has more or less seen his work as “a necessary fun”. Constantly mixing paint, with a transfer sheet in hand or welding on a new machine.