Embroidery effect

Our graphic designers can transform a logo and give it an embroidery look. The logo is printed as an EcoFlex CMYK transfer where pixels and shadings create the illusion of embroidery.

These are some things to keep in mind when you want to create a logo with embroidery effect:

  • The artwork must be a vector file.
  • It might be difficult to put embroidery onto thin lines and small text. The effect is stronger and nicer if you avoid too many details and very small details.
  • If the logo has shaded areas, these will need to be changed to one color areas.

Adding embroidery effect is a simple way to give for example a plain text logo a more luxurious look.

Example of logo with and without embroidery effect.

There are some advantages to choosing a heat transfer with embroidery effect rather than regular stitch embroidery. The heat transfer has no limits in the amount of colors used. This is something which has to be considered when using regular embroidery. Using a heat transfer makes it possible to combine the embroidery effect with details without embroidery effect in the same heat transfer.

Another advantage is that you can apply a heat transfer to a garment with thin fabric where regular embroidery would feel stiff and be difficult to attach with good result. Using a heat transfer is also preferable in cases where you do not want to puncture the fabric, for example rainwear. A heat transfer has a shorter application time compared to stitch embroidery which makes the production easier.