Our heat-seal machines over time

Perma Press Heat-seal machine 80’s.

Early on, Perma Press realized the importance of being able to provide the customer with a complete heat transfer system and thus began to design and manufacture our own heat-seal machines. The machines have looked different over the years but the quality has remained. In the 80s and 90s our carousel with four stations was very popular.

Perma Press Heat-seal machine 90’s

During this era, the internet took off and we were led into the “digital revolution”. In particular, the digital parts in the machine changed and the display gained more space.

Perma Press Heat-seal machine 00’s

In the 00s, international trade grew and for the first time we sold our machines to other continents. Nowadays we can boast that there is a Perma Press heat-seal machine in 20 different countries.


Perma Press Heat-seal machine 10’s

In the late 10’s, in particular, in 2019, a further change took place and we can now offer a machine with a larger heating element as an alternative for our clients on the sportwear market for example, to facilitate their application of prints on sportswear. The machine also has a crosshair laser for a more accurate application.