Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a collection of common questions and answers.


How is a heat transfer manufactured?


A heat transfer is made by screening the design on a carrier (a plastic film). Frames are used where a fine mesh nylon net is tensioned. The net is coated with a photosensitive emulsion and then illuminated. The emulsion hardens when exposed to light. After that you flush the frame and get a template of the design. The frame is then placed in a printing machine where the colors are printed one by one for each frame. Lastly, the glue is added to the back of the transfer which allows it to be heated on the material where it is to be attached.

We assemble several motifs per frame, for example if a motif has a black color, it is placed on the same frame as other motifs with the same color. The transfers are printed on sheets, then allowed to dry and finally cut apart. Each unique heat transfer is bundled together and sent to our end customer.