In the beginning of Perma Press

Perma Press moved to Kungsbacka (south of Gothenburg) at the end of the eighties, into premises previously housing a food store. The company had 10 employees and produced heat transfers, heat seal machines and also promotion products for golf balls and cars.


The production of heat transfers was a bit different compared to today. The original from the customer was usually a physical sample, for example a letter head. The image was scanned and printed in the correct size onto a plastic film. This was cut and taped onto a larger sheet. There was one film per color and multi colored logos had to be adjusted and fit together by eye measurement. After the heat transfer was finished, the plastic films were saved in envelopes to be used again for a future order. The printing process itself is similar today but the machines have been improved.


The business continued to grow and plans for a new building started.