How to apply successfully

In order for the application process to be as quick and efficient as possible, you may want to make some preparations on and around your work station. For example, you can start by unwrapping and sorting the garments, also arranging an area where to put the garments after the application is finished.

Measure out the correct placement of the heat transfer so that they are all applied in the same place on the garments, by adjusting the crosshair laser, or using a template for example. It is important to pre-heat the garment a few seconds before you place the heat transfer. This is to press the material and remove any moisture from it. This will enable the best possible adhesiveness.

Choose a suitable size of bottom plate for the intended garment and heat transfer. Make sure that no seams, pockets or zippers are on the bottom plate. If you are using a small plate and are in need of extra support around it, you can use a support frame which is attached under the bottom plate.

Do not decrease the application time. The heat transfer adhesive needs the entire time in order to melt into the fabric properly and thus create the best wash durability. If you have a heat press with two bottom plates, you can prepare one plate while the application is done on the other one.

When the application time is finished, the backing foil should be removed immediately, HOT PEEL. The exception is our reflective heat transfer which should be removed after it has cooled, COLD PEEL.


The most common problems to occur are caused by incorrect settings during the application or during the washing. Please ensure that you apply and wash the heat transfer according to our recommendations. We include the instructions with each delivery. They can also be found on our website, together with our instruction videos which show the application procedure.