What is important to consider when choosing a transfer?

1. What kind of motif is it? If it is a single or two-color logo, it is best to choose our EcoFlex Pantone. Is it a photo-realistic picture, do you want gradiants in the color, or maybe a bridge effect? Then choose our digital EcoFlex CMYK.
2. What kind of clothing will you apply your logo to? Is it a thick work jacket, healthcare garments that are washed in high temperature, or a logo that should be printed on many different types of garments? Then we recommend the HT glue. This makes the transfer highly resistant to wear and high temperatures.
Or is it soft profile clothes, children’s sweaters or a stretchy sports top? Then we recommend our Supersoft glue, which is thin and elastic, and can be washed up to 60°C.

If you are not sure which product fits your purpose best, you can always ask us, send your email to studio@permapress.se!