Sportswear for Falun IBF


Perma Press is now a proud sponsor of Falun IBF. Falun IBF floorball team is one of the top teams in Sweden and they have won the Swedish championships four times over the past seven years. Match shirts and other club garments have prints from Perma Press.


Test room now ready to be used

Our new test room is ready and we use it for our regular wash testing of our heat transfer products applied to garments. We also perform abrasion testing to ensure the durability of the products. The test room also has an oven for migration testing. The oven helps to speed up any potential dye migration from the garment.

We perform continual testing to make sure our products hold the highest possible quality standard.


A platform for the whole company’s contract needs!

Precisely was founded in 2014 by Nils-Erik Jansson and Simon Fouladi. Although the company has not existed for more than 5 years, they are changing the entire market for cloud-based contract management. Precisely lets you transform all your frequently used agreements into fully customizable, intelligent templates that ensure fast and secure template creation.

Their vision fits perfectly into the modern world where efficiency is given high priority. Signing documents with electronic signatures has never been easier, and thanks to their smart solutions with automated templates, anyone can create flawless agreements in just a few minutes.

Precisely wanted to create new business clothes to wear in the office with their nice P-logo and a “hidden message” with humorous dispute on the inside of the garment. Precisely’s own logo was printed in their specific PMS color and the full color print that was put on the inside of the shirt was printed in CMYK.


Quantity: 50 pcs





Quantity: 50 pcs

Pantone 2 colors



Make washing more environmentally friendly

Wash transfers in a more environmentally friendly way!

Synthetic garments release microfibers when washed, small plastic particles that cannot be caught when the water is purified. An easy solution to this is to wash your garments in a custom bag that collects the microplastics, then recycle trapped particles like plastic.

The best tips for easily contributing to a better environment are to wash clothes less frequently, in colder temperatures and to avoid ironing and tumbling. Just as it  increases the life of the garment, it also increases the life of the transfer.

Rainbow Blood

On April 23, 2019, two friends by the name of Jesper Petersson and Tobias Ström will post a sharing on Facebook about men who have sex with men today being rejected from blood centers. Because of prejudiced prejudices about gay men’s risk-taking, they are discriminated against while being reported daily in the media and news of the blood shortage in Sweden.

“If you belong to the group MSM (men who have sex with men), total abstinence from sexual intercourse for a whole year is required to be able to give blood. This applies whether you live in a lifelong relationship or not. In the texts of the National Board of Social Services, you can read that MSM is a risk group even in fixed relationships, because you can only certify on your own behalf what behavior you have or have had, not for what your partner has done. “ For men who have sex with women, and women who have sex with men, 3 months of waiting from new parties are counted.

Meanwhile, Perma Press was recently told that Rainbow Blood would run the bloodstream to raise awareness of this dilemma and considered themselves the perfect candidate to sponsor the initiative with 250 high quality prints that would do their logo, designed by Sandra Nendos, justice. The print was put on functional jerseys from the Björn Borg brand and was chosen to be printed in Supersoft quality due to the stretch’s functional material.

Eco Flex CMYK
Quantity: 250 pcs

“Potential blood donors should be screened based on sexual risk taking, not partner selection. With a more puncture-proof screening that asks for risk-taking, more healthy individuals will be able to help give blood. Then the blood vessels will be filled with the patients as winners. At the same time, the offensive generalization that is currently being done against us as a group ceases, “says Tobias and Jesper.

“We really believe that our breakthrough will lead to results. Already we have reached our first goal – to have the Social Board change its offensive wording about why men who have sex with men must not give blood. In the news morning we declare this as a first goals, now that link is down. So the National Board of Health has taken down the page and now replies that they will post a new one when they have reviewed the content. “

We at Perma Press are proud and delighted to have been involved in sponsoring the Rainbow Blood initiative!

What is important to consider when choosing a transfer?

1. What kind of motif is it? If it is a single or two-color logo, it is best to choose our EcoFlex Pantone. Is it a photo-realistic picture, do you want gradiants in the color, or maybe a bridge effect? Then choose our digital EcoFlex CMYK.
2. What kind of clothing will you apply your logo to? Is it a thick work jacket, healthcare garments that are washed in high temperature, or a logo that should be printed on many different types of garments? Then we recommend the HT glue. This makes the transfer highly resistant to wear and high temperatures.
Or is it soft profile clothes, children’s sweaters or a stretchy sports top? Then we recommend our Supersoft glue, which is thin and elastic, and can be washed up to 60°C.

If you are not sure which product fits your purpose best, you can always ask us, send your email to!

What do I need to apply transfers myself?

A proper heat-seal machine is really the only thing you need. If you need occasional printing for a special event, we recommend that you contact a retailer of e.g. Profile clothing. During application, you need to use the correct heat, time and pressure. You always receive heating instructions when you buy transfers from us. (You can also download application instructions here on the website.)

Read more about our heat-seal machines.

Get started – the guide

How do I place an order?

1. Submit your design as a vector file*, either as .eps, .ai or .pdf to our graphic studio at This e-mail should also state what size the print should have, which adhesive quality** you would like, and the number of prints.

2. We will email back a proof which we ask you to review and approve. When the design is approved, we start the production.

3. Your image is mounted, printed, reviewed by hand and cut out. This takes 6-8 business days.

4. Your finished transfers are shipped.


* A vector file is built up by mathematical curves, vector paths. This allows the design to be maximally enlarged without losing its sharpness. To create a vector file, you need to use software such as Adobe Illustrator or Coral Draw.

** Supersoft or HT glue – see more information under Which transfer quality should I choose?



Environmental Commitments

Today many companies are profiting from promoting themselves as environmentally friendly and having a sustainable production. The question is whether the truth will emerge as this is something that companies themselves can define. Is a company environmentally friendly because all employees have electric cars, or are they environmentally friendly for eating vegetarian for lunch? In a production business, there are endless factors to take into account in order to minimize human and environmental damage.

For us it has been important to define the meaning of “environmentally friendly” and “sustainable” and in this article you can read about part of our work to create the most sustainable product on the market.

At Perma Press we have been working actively since the 90’s to create the highest quality heat transfer where dangerous chemicals are successfully kept outside our gates. Our commitment to people and the environment has been a strong pillar at every stage of our company’s development. We won an award for well-executed environmental work already in 2004. This is something we are very proud of and in a world where more and more focus is on the environment we are glad to have always been at the forefront. But it is an ongoing process where we constantly have re-evaluations and checks to ensure that we follow the substitution principle in everything we do.

Our transfers are free from, for example:

phthalates or other dangerous plasticizers


Read more about our enviromental commitment here!