Updates and improvements leads to good results

Around year 2000, the Barco Graphic system was replaced by modern Mac computers. From that time, all artwork originals are created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and the mounting of the logos is handled in InDesign.

Around the same time, the production printing machines were also modernized. We installed a color mixing machine with a catalogue of all ink recipes which ensures consistent color hues over time.

We also started printing CMYK heat transfers which enabled the printing of very fine details and rapid production of large amounts of heat transfers. At this time, we started cooperating with H&M, producing prints (Disney and others) for their children’s departments. They wanted a product which was free from PVC.

In 2002 we were contacted by Nike. Like H&M, they were interested in environmentally friendly products and wanted a supplier with a reliable production with large capacity. We produced sponsor logos, club badges as well as endless amounts of their company logo and prints used for the Olympic Games in 2004 and 2006.

In 2004 we were contacted by Adidas. Perma Press produced soccer sponsor logos for AC Milan and Liverpool. We have also produced prints for the Adidas Heritage and Stella McCartney collections.

Egil Norheim was chosen as Entrepreneur of the Year in Halland in 2004, with the motivation “Egil Norheim has developed and produces a unique environmentally friendly water-based heat transfer, without PVC, which is now standard worldwide with companies like Nike and Adidas”.

In 2005 Egil was invited to Adidas US head quarters in Portland, Oregon for a meeting with Adidas 200 largest suppliers. He proudly received the price for ”Best new apparel materials supplier”.

Read more in an article published in Business, January 2005.


During this period we started our very good cooperation with Infigo in the Netherlands.