Amar has long experience as a printer at Perma Press. He was hired as early as 1989 and is thus one of the longest-serving employees. Through his long experience he is very stable and thorough in his work.


Björn is responsible for cleaning our frames. The frames are cleaned and reused by re-coating and illuminating. Part of our solid environmental thinking.


Bosse is in the printing press, he is one of the team of talented printers. He handles both screen printing and CMYK jobs with great precision and accuracy!


Hans-Olof, also called Honta, is one of our talented printers. He has experience in both screen printing and production of our CMYK transfers. He is fast and efficient, a real cut!



Gustav works as a printer here at Perma Press. The job involves accuracy and stability, which Gustav has long experience in when it comes to screenprinting.


Reza’s area of responsibility is to produce and control the frames that are then used to print the transfers. The frames are placed in the printing machine to screen the color of the sheets.